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How it works

We review your current software stack

We understand your purchasing preferences

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Assisted Purchasing

We negotiate the best financial outcomes using proven techniques

Contract Management

We organise all your contracts and commence timely renewal discussions with vendors

Pricing Intelligence

We use aggregate deal data to get fair prices from vendors every time

Compliance Tracking

We ensure that all stakeholders including security & legal are onboard with the purchases

Streamline procurement

Source of truth

Track your suppliers, expenses, renewals, avoid duplication and stay in complete control

Purchase requests

Use a modern procurement concierge to allow your team to raise and track SaaS requests

Workflows & policies

Route approval requests to finance, IT, security, legal and other teams based on the type of purchase


Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Derive work?

Derive is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses purchase SaaS efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our software platform simplifies internal procurement processes by allowing companies to easily manage spend approvals, track vendors, contracts, costs, and associated renewals in one central location.

Additionally, our assisted purchasing service enhances your team with SaaS experts who handle the final stages of procurement for you. By utilising pre-established vendor relationships, pricing intelligence, license optimisation, and various other techniques, we secure better financial outcomes.

What if I am already using a tool to manage my SaaS operations?

Excellent! By utilising the tool, we can quickly gather information that will aid in understanding your vendor landscape.

Derive provides both the technology and services necessary to fulfil your SaaS purchasing needs.

Is Derive a SaaS Management Platform (SMP)?

No, we are a SaaS Purchasing Platform i.e., we help you purchase the right tool, at the best price.

How are you going to add value?

Our platform simplifies the software procurement process by serving as the authoritative source for vendor and contract information. This allows business buyers to conveniently initiate new requisition requests and secure approvals from managers, IT security, legal and finance teams.

Furthermore, we leverage aggregate deal data from our analysis of $50 million in SaaS transactions, as well as our extensive expertise in pricing and packaging, to ensure fair pricing for all purchases. Finally, we offer a minimum savings guarantee, which always guarantees net savings after our fees

How much time do you need from me?

To begin, we conduct a 60-minute onboarding session to discuss:

1) your current procurement process and future preferences,
2) upcoming new purchases and renewals,
3) priorities for the next 30, 60, and 90 days, and
4) the plan for migrating your current data into the Derive platform.

Once the onboarding is completed, we schedule regular check-ins with your designated point of contact.

What do I need to get started?

In order to estimate your savings and determine if we are a suitable match for your needs, we require information about your current SaaS tools. You can submit a request for your savings estimate by following this here.

Procure to Pay (P2P) Solution

Control spend from
request to payment

Increase your financial oversight and productivity with automated software designed for easy company-wide adoption.

Accelerate approval cycles

Build flexible approval workflows within Derive's software that fit your business processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

The front door for every request

Simplify the purchasing experience that allows employees to raise, track and collaborate on all categories of spend.

Get the right teams to  approve requests

Create workflows to get sign off from Finance, IT, InfoSec, Legal and others, ensuring all stakeholders are in the loop.

For a typical 500-employee business


Overspent on vendors due to ineffective P2P processes


Orchestrating approvals from teams during purchases & renewals


Spent completing due diligence and onboarding a new vendor


Data breaches caused due to employee led shadow IT purchases

Vendor and contract renewal management

Get access to all vendor details, contracts and transactions so you can answer supplier related questions quickly. End duplicative purchases and missed renewals.

Take full control of spend

Create a more efficient P2P process while improving governance with purchase order management and invoice validation.

Approve requests in Slack or Teams

Improve operational efficiency by allowing stakeholders to review and approve requests quickly from either Slack or Teams.

Integrate seamlessly with exisiting tools

Derive connects to Finance, Legal, IT, InfoSec & HR systems for real time visibility, removing data silos.